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Our HJC programs are purposefully selected and designed to reflect our values, principles and advocacy. Each of our programs are intentionally built and implemented with healing centered strategies and practices. Our goals are to provide program participants with information, education and practices furthering their development, teaching vital healing and wellness skills, and promoting civic engagement.

*For accessibility, our services and programs are offered in person, online, and/or hybrid models as well as both in English and Spanish to serve our community focus areas.

Mother and Daughter Love
mother and daugher touching noses and making a heart with their hands together

A 12 - 20 week Parent Education course supports parents in

developing or deepening a practice of self-regulation, of raising their children with nonviolence, prioritizing connected relationships and optimal development. Parents will be introduced to concepts of brain and child development, regulation and wellness, trauma-informed practices, emotional intelligence, empathy, connected communication, introspection and reflection and more.


This series invites parents to actively & physically engage in learning the skills and tools to support the development of strong, connected relationships with their children as well as explore what they need in order to implement them.


Our parenting sessions are guided by the curriculum "A Compassionate Guide to Raising Children with Nonviolence" and "Principles and Practices of Parenting with Nonviolence Coursebook for Parents and Caregivers" written by Ruth Beaglehole with Kim Pesenti.

Two girls on computers
Healing & Justice Center Magic Circle

HJC staff is trained and certified to provide HUD Housing Counseling. The HUD Housing Counseling Program supports the delivery of a wide variety of housing counseling services to homebuyers, homeowners, low- to moderate-income renters, and the homeless.

The primary objectives of the Program are to improve financial literacy, expand homeownership opportunities, improve access to affordable housing, and preserve homeownership.

“Thank you for your passion and commitment. Together, we are creating a more just and compassionate world for younger human beings and ultimately, for the future of our communities. With gratitude and appreciation,”
— Ruth Beaglehole, 2022
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