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HJC stands in solidarity with, supports and actively participates in organizing and advocacy for individuals and BIPOC communities. 


Our work is founded on dismantling systems of oppression and boldly envisioning a new world of connectedness, inclusivity and belonging. We strive to assist others in finding their strength and power, hidden in the depths of fear and despair brought on by lifelong oppression and marginalization. 


Our advocacy and organizing strives to promote further civic engagement and involvement.

Healing & Justice Center Tenant Counseling Hotling Group Standing on stairs
Healing & Justice Center Magic Circle

HJC offers a FREE Tenant Counseling Hotline to inform, educate and advocate for the rights of tenants. Our hotline is available to English and Spanish speakers. We connect tenants to other resources and legal services, as needed. We also offer additional support for tenants by writing letters, mediation, and negotiation services on a donation basis.


HJC helps to organize tenants by assisting in forming tenant associations (buildings) or tenant unions (city/areas). Using trauma informed and healing practices, we support tenants in formalizing their union through teaching communication skills, documenting their experiences and taking necessary actions to advocate for their rights and ensuring they have safe and healthy housing.


HJC actively participates in local and statewide coalitions advocating for legislation, local ordinances and further tenant protections.


We are a key founder/partner in the San Gabriel Valley Tenants Alliance (SGVTA), a volunteer-led group which supports the formation and building of tenant unions in order to grow the tenant rights movement in the valley.

Healing & Justice Center Magic Circle
Tenant Organizing craft workshop
Digial Equty
Healing & Justice Center Magic Circle
Digital Equity conference meeting HJC team sitting at table with Lets Get Digital screen behind them

HJC understands that being connected digitally is essential for education, employment, health, family, and to meet other basic needs. We seek to ensure everyone has affordable access to quality internet (Broadband). We believe access to the internet is a human right, and should be regulated as a utility and not a luxury.

Actively participating in local County, State and Federal level efforts, we strive to make sure internet companies are not discriminating in terms of price, service quality and access.

Additionally, we advocate for low income communities to have access to devices and digital literacy necessary to successfully navigate the internet.

David Bond, Alhambra Tenants Union

"The folks working at The People's Resource Center/Healing and Justice Center have been an incredible inspiration and tactical aid for renters in South-East Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley for many years. Countless times have we needed critical assistance for housing rights, and knowledge around complicated legal protections for tough casework, and Jorge's team there at TPRC have never shied away from a challenge.


They're kind, warm and welcoming to those in need in our communities, and always willing to fight for the little guy against the Landlords and cruel Management companies harassing our neighbors. From writing letters, to helping organize buildings against slumlords, thank you for all that you do TPRC, here at Alhambra Tenant Union we cherish having such knowledgeable advocates on our side."

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