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The HJC team serves individuals, families, communities, and organizations through facilitating workshops and training specially designed to the needs of those we are serving.


Our services help others access and develop tangible, embodied resources, as well as accessible practices that will help one thrive in their personal lives and work.

Due to the variety of different aspects/challenges which arise in the world of social justice leading to burnout, vicarious trauma and retraumatization, we interweave wellness practices, embodied healing modalities, connecting communication, trauma informed care and post traumatic growth tools. We use popular education in all of our work and model life serving approaches to reach intended goals.

*For accessibility, our services and programs are offered in person, online, and/or hybrid models as well as both in English and Spanish to serve our community focus areas.


Workshops & Training

Embodied Wellness Workshops

The heavy work of creating a more just society, fighting against the injustices we see and experience, and helping others can leave us exhausted and inadvertently puts us in survival mode. Constantly being in survival mode can lead to burnout, damaged relationships, and retraumatization.


Through HJC workshops, participants have time to focus on both personal and community wellness, which are both essential to replenish ourselves and our communities.


HJC wellness workshops are designed based on individual and organizational needs. Please contact us to discuss and plan the type of workshops that work best for you and/or your organization.


HJC in partnership with Critical Mass Dance Company (CMDC) offers Dance from the Heart, a trauma-informed movement practice.


The practice supports participants to reconnect and feel a sense of safety in their bodies, release past hurts/trauma, build self-confidence, and reach their personal goals in community with others. In the process participants build collective care, resilience and community wellness through dance.

Fitness Group of women in workout clothes looking down at the camera
4 people sitting at a table communicating

Many groups and organizations can bolster their existing services and programming by learning and implementing trauma informed and nonviolent communication skills and practices. HJC not only introduces the conceptual ideas of what it means to be trauma informed, we also teach what it looks like in practice.


Nonviolent Communication strengthens and deepens relationships (personal and professional) through learning how to identify, label and communicate basic human feelings, needs and making requests. Nonviolent Communication in conjunction with trauma informed practices can help de-escalate, regulate and build connected relationships with compassion and understanding.


In working together to make this world better for our communities and ourselves we often face conflict among each other for various reasons; the stakes are high and tension builds up, simple differences of opinions, different approaches or values, and moments of exhaustion can lead to conflict that causes breaks in relationships, harm, and takes us away from our goal and the change we are trying to create in the our communities.


Regenerative Conflict Resolution Workshops offer training in core skills and practices needed to move from ‘destructive’ to ‘regenerative’ conflict resolution. We cover trauma-informed practices, identifying stressors, connecting and embodied communication, empathy, regulation and wellness, models for regenerative conflict resolution, and can support the development of the organization through a tailored conflict resolution plan.

Counseling Group holding hands
Happy Family in park mom and dad holding baby up

HJC collaborates with other organizations to provide parenting classes and workshops. HJC believes that raising children to be caring, compassionate, and connected adults is a social justice movement against childism, which is in part, the root of other forms of oppression.

In this regard, we offer a *12 week Parent Education course which supports parents in developing or deepening the practice of raising their children with nonviolence, prioritizing connected relationships and optimal development.  Parents will be introduced to concepts of brain and child development, regulation and wellness, trauma-informed practices, emotional intelligence, empathy, connected communication, introspection, reflection and more. This series invites parents to actively & physically engage in learning the skills and tools to support the development of strong, connected relationships with their children, as well as explore what they need in order to implement them. 


Our parenting sessions are guided by the curriculum "A Compassionate Guide to Raising Children with Nonviolence" and "Principles and Practices of Parenting with Nonviolence Coursebook for Parents and Caregivers" written by Ruth Beaglehole with Kim Pesenti. 

* course length can be adapted if needed, keeping in mind that shortening the series will limit the material and overall impact of the classes. 

“Recognizing that children grow up to be adults who make choices and decisions that can affect entire communities, our hope is to raise participants’ awareness and inspire them to create a world of equity, love and justice by raising children with nonviolence.

Younger human beings who are raised with dignity and compassion become the advocates for social, racial and economic justice. By empowering children with emotional resiliency, a strong voice and the willingness to care for others we can create communities of healthy loving.

Thank you for your passion and commitment. Together, we are creating a more just and compassionate world for younger human beings and ultimately, for the future of our communities. With gratitude and appreciation."

- Ruth Beaglehole


Professional Support

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HJC supports organizations, staff and boards in the planning and implementation of retreats. We support through consultation and/or facilitation, all the while embedding wellness and embodied healing practices throughout. Our retreats support in reaching intended goals, team building, addressing cultural shifts, opportunities to regroup and replenish, improving communication and strengthening internal relationships.


If all that is needed is help with planning or building, HJC offers consultation with administration, employees and staff. Our goal is to support the overall well being of the organization, and the individuals working within it.

Woman standing shaking hands with a man in a wheel chair
Business Meeting 5 people sitting at a conference table with graphs and open laptops

HJC provides support in meetings/workshops or retreats where all staff would benefit from external facilitation. Usually, external facilitation assists by making it possible for everyone to fully engage in the process, including lead and administrative staff.


HJC further supports staff and organizations through offering individual and collective coaching. Coaching assists staff and organizations to successfully practice, then implement the skills needed to achieve the desired results. Through compassionate guidance, we gently reinforce the plans and strategies of those we serve.

Group therapy people sitting in a circle with hands raised

"By intentionally disrupting the false border between life and work life, the mission of The Healing and Justice Center is truly transformational. I look forward to seeing The HJC succeed. It won't be long before its model is replicated and scaled up to make the lives of people who work in every industry more sustainable. This is not just an effort to watch, but a movement to join!"

- Gabriela Sandoval


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